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Q: What size are the high res jpeg images?
A: 5760 X 3840 before cropping if necessary, and about 4MB.

Q: Have all the pictures been posted? I saw the flash from the camera but don't see my picture.
A: Yes, All the pictures have been posted, any pictures that were out of focus or not framed properly have been deleted.

Q: Do you have any deals on pictures?
A: Yes, I will email one persons photos for the day for $40.00. Just order two of your pictures and I will email them all.

Q: Can you remove objects from a picture?
A: Yes, I can make simple edits for free.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
A: Same day for E-mail orders and 2-3 business days on prints.

Q: I don't have a credit card, can I use another form of payment?
A: I will accept PayPal and money orders. My PayPal account is info@RickClemson.com

Q: How long does it take to post the pictures?
A: I try to get them posted by 11pm the same day but it could take 24 hours